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We invite you to come to St. Teresa’s and let us meet you.  We hold a special “welcome weekend” the first weekend of every month at each Mass, though you are welcome to come any time!  St. Teresa’s is a unique parish, as you will see immediately when you enter our church.  Most Sundays you will also be able to join us in coffee, doughnuts, and conversation after the 10:00 AM Mass.  We are always pleased to talk about our parish and ministries and would be happy to answer your questions. If you have recently started attending our church, we extend a special welcome to you to join our parish family.  You will find a short registration form in our Sunday bulletin or you are welcome to come to the parish office, in our rectory, at 390 Missouri Street, during office hours.  You can also print the online form below and mail it, bring it to the parish office or place it in the collection basket when you come to Mass. We are an active parish:  active in community work and in nourishing our spiritual lives.  We hope you will consider joining one of the many ministries or organizations that form an essential part of our parish life.  You will find information about our ministries and small Christian communities on other pages of this web site.  There are many ways for you to share your time and talent with us.  The success of our parish depends on our whole family – and we hope you will soon feel that you are a part of that family. Are you new to San Francisco or to Potrero Hill and looking for “your parish”?  Although it is customary that people become members of the parish nearest them, it is common today for Catholics to find a church, a parish that will serve their particular spiritual needs.  We hope you will find St. Teresa of Avila Church to be that perfect fit.  Here are some tips for helping make your decision.

  1. Read parish bulletins, websites and newsletters.  Just as you have found us online, you will find that most  Catholic Churches have a website where you can find out about that parish.  Most have announcements or bulletins on line as well which help you form a picture of the parish and its regular activities as well as special liturgies and events.  You may want to visit the parish office or church itself for more printed information.
  2. Attend weekend Mass.  If you checked the website or read the bulletins and like what you have read, come to a weekend Mass (Saturday at 4:15 PM; Sunday at 8:30 and 10:00).  Participating in Mass gives you a sense of our entire parish family:  pastor, staff, members.  Introduce yourself and ask questions.
  3. Attend a church activity other than weekend Mass.  While you make a decision about joining the parish and you continue to attend weekend Mass, you should investigate the ministries and social aspects of the church as well as other liturgies (week day Mass, Reconciliation).
  4. Talk to the pastor or staff members.  You may want to conclude your parish survey by making an appointment to meet with the pastor or a staff member to answer specific questions or air any personal issues that are deciding factors for you in joining the parish.  It is important to be open and straightforward in this meeting.
  5. Think it over.  Joining a parish is as simple as signing up, but that alone won’t make you a real member of the parish.  We are directed to active, full, conscious participation not only in liturgy but in our parish life.  When you decide to join, you also make the commitment to that participation.



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