Small Church Communities

A small Christian community is a gathering of 6 to 12 people who invest time with one another for the purpose of deepening their experience of applying gospel values to their lives. The gatherings are usually in people’s home for about 90 minutes twice a month in order to:

  1. Read and reflect on the scriptures and other spiritually inspirational texts
  2. Pray together
  3. Share their faith stories
  4. Resolve to respond in action for the good of others.

List of St. Teresa’s Small Church Communities:

  • Hill’s Angels
  • The Eleven
  • (cont. need names of remaining SCCs)

St. Teresa’s is embracing a new vision of Church. It takes us back to the earliest times of the Christian movement, when members met in each other’s homes, feeling their way through the phenomenon of the Holy Spirit working in their lives. The early Church prayed together, shared faith, learned from one another and supported each other. From this network of home churches early Christians took the Body of Christ into the world. The Small Church movement is a worldwide phenomenon in the Catholic Church. St. Teresa’s is joining many other Catholic communities in encouraging parishioners to to get to know each other, connect their faith with their lives, and help build a strong and vibrant Church for the 21st century.

What are Small Christian Communities?

Small Christian Communities are groups of 8 to 12 people who meet informally in the members’ homes. We gather for fellowship and to share God’s Word. Meetings last an hour and a half and are centered on the Scripture readings for the following Sunday. These are not Bible study groups; they are not therapy groups. The discussions are not theological and it doesn’t matter how familiar we are with Scripture. Materials are supplied that provide insights into the readings, but the emphasis is on reading the Word of God in the context of our own lives. We share our understanding of Scripture as applied to our own life situations and struggles.

Why Small Church Communities?

There are over 210 families registered in our parish. A parish that size risks becoming impersonal, sterile. Our Small Christian Communities offer us a way to deepen our faith as individuals and to connect our faith with life in community. Reflecting on the gospel before hearing it proclaimed at Mass enables us to experience the Word of God more deeply and more personally. Sharing faith in small communities we become Church to each other, engaging in prayer, faith sharing, mutual support, learning, and mission. Like strong links in a chain, we strengthen the larger Church, and society, as a whole.

What Kind of Time Commitment is Involved?

We meet for about an hour and a half twice a month. We try to attend parish events as a group and we get together for a service project several times per year.

Who Should Join?

Every parishioner should strongly consider participating in this program. It is open to any person who wants to grow in faith: men, women, married, single, widowed, divorced. Join us – it will be one of the best spiritual decisions you have ever made.

How to Join a Small Church Community

If you are interested in joining a Small Church community at St. Teresa’s, or you would just like more information, please get in touch with Sister Maureen:

Phone: (415) 285-5272
Sister Maureen (

Depending on your needs, you will be placed with an established group, or with other parishioners starting the Small Church process.

No matter where you are on your faith journey, you have something to offer and something to gain in a Small Church community. We hope you’ll join us.

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